Matevž Mazij appointed as Bragg Gaming’s new CEO

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Matevž Mazij appointed as Bragg Gaming’s new CEO

Bragg Gaming, a prominent company in the industry, has recently revealed the elevation of Matevž Mazij, the current Chair of the Board of Directors, to the position of CEO, which was effective immediately.

Notably, Mazij was the founder of Oryx Gaming (purchased by Bragg Gaming in 2018), the foundational PAM, aggregation, and Remote Gaming Server tech platform for the company.

Meanwhile, Yaniv Sherman will be stepping down from his current CEO role. This decision comes in the wake of a comprehensive review of Bragg’s board of directors. The forthcoming update is aimed at guaranteeing the utmost harmonization of the company’s welfare with that of its stakeholders.

The Lead Independent Director at Bragg Gaming Group, Holly Gagnon commented:

We have confidence in Matevž because of his distinguished background in the industry, his comprehensive grasp of Bragg and the experienced management team, and his role as the founder and inspiration behind Oryx Gaming. This synergy puts Bragg in a good chance to consistently accomplish our core goals and purposes, also provide outstanding service to our esteemed clients and companions.

Mazij also shared his sentiments regarding his recent appointment. Drawing from his years of service on the company’s board, he conveyed his satisfaction in resuming an important role. He pledged to steer Bragg towards a path of sustained top-line and cash flow expansion.

Matevž Mazij added:

Bragg holds numerous prospects to enlarge our operational reach across many continents and the dynamic, evolving landscape of authorized global iGaming markets.

Mazij concluded by expressing his anticipation for collaborating with the company’s leading management and staff. He aims to inject new viewpoints into the company and foster a dynamic atmosphere.

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