MGC unveiled a decline in casino revenue

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MGC unveiled a decline in casino revenue

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has released data indicating a decline in casino revenue compared to the previous year.

According to the report, the state’s 26 non-tribal casinos collectively generated $180.3 million in revenue from various gaming activities including poker, slots, and table games in January. This represents an 18 percent decrease from December 2023 ($219.8 million) and a 10 percent decrease year-on-year from January 2023 ($201.9 million).

The breakdown of casino revenue by region shows $120.9 million from the Central region, $36.4 million from the Northern region, and $23 million from the Coastal region.

In terms of sports betting, Mississippi saw a revenue of $6.7 million in January, marking a 31.4 percent increase compared to January 2023 and a 36.7 percent increase from December. However, the sports betting handle was $44.6 million, down 22 percent from January 2023 and 8.8 percent from December 2023.

The state House recently passed House Bill 774 concerning online sports betting, which is now set to be reviewed by a Senate committee.