MGM Resorts to offer an exquisite F1 viewing experience

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MGM Resorts to offer an exquisite F1 viewing experience

MGM Resorts unveils plans for the grandstands for the upcoming Formula 1 Las Vegas GP.

The gambling and hospitality corporation MGM Resorts is going to construct a number of grandstands on its Bellagio property for the upcoming Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, which will be taking place approximately a year from now at the time of writing. The viewing areas are going to be built on the establishment’s lake, where its iconic fountains put on a show every day.

The grandstands are going to be offering excellent views of the race, being situated perfectly on one of the circuit’s fastest sections on the back straight. This will enable spectators to experience the race cars whizzing past them at over 300 kilometers per hour, right before braking hard to enter the tight chicane from the 14th to the 16th corners.

Seats for the event are going to be sold as part of MGM’s race-and-stay package, which offers places not only at Bellagio’s grandstands but also at the Paddock grandstands near the start line on the corner of Koval Lane and Harmon Ave. The latter doesn’t feature the highest speeds but offers views of the pit lane and the first set of corners.

In about a year’s time Formula 1 fans will get to experience how Las Vegas does things differently. Our grandstands will offer an exquisite experience, and combined with our celebrations on the event’s days, it is going to be an exciting race week.

remarked the chief commercial officer of MGM Resorts, Steve Zanella.