MGM Resorts first to sign UN water mandate

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MGM Resorts first to sign UN water mandate

MGM Resorts is going to be a pioneer in the gambling industry with the signing of the UN’s latest initiative.

The CEO Water Mandate is a program by the United Nations aimed at solving water problems all around the globe. Many prominent corporations have already joined the program and dedicated resources to its goals. MGM Resorts has recently signed up for the initiative as well, making it the first gambling firm to do so.

A number of the firm’s notable steps toward saving water include the use of efficient appliances and equipment in its hotels, the replacement of over 18 thousand square meters of grass with heat-resistant turf in Las Vegas, and the enhancement of cooling solutions to minimize water losses due to evaporation.

We are delighted to be the first corporation in our industry to join the global initiative. Las Vegas has been using unique and innovative techniques to save water for quite a long time because of its environmental conditions, and we are happy to have the opportunity to operate in the city.

commented MGM Resorts’ CEO and President, Bill Hornbuckle.