New nomination category presented by Casino Guru Awards

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New nomination category presented by Casino Guru Awards

The highly anticipated second vol of the Casino Guru Awards is returning, upholding its core commitment to offer an exceptionally trustworthy platform for industry members to showcase their businessesachievements in various categories centered around responsibility and user assistance.

Having the primary event as a fundament, the Awards has continuously contemplated the most effective approach towards acknowledging the multitude of endeavors dedicated to enhancing the industry’s integrity, safety, and transparency.

The team behind the awards is excited about includingThe Most Ethical Approach to Marketing“, with nominations currently open to be applied. It will enable the winner to showcase the company’s dedication to implementing stringent criteria in their promotional strategies, making sure that their message aligns with the purposes.

The primary objective of this nomination is to acknowledge companies that exemplify a firm dedication to safer marketing practices. The design and marketing materials, such as SM ads, or newsletters will be analyzed by respected judges, who will place a particular emphasis on honest marketing techniques.

In addition to Casino Guru’s internal panel of judges, all applicants will undergo evaluation by a distinguished external panel comprising industry skilled individuals who possess extensive practice in marketing. This esteemed panel includes skilled professionals from great companies such as EveryMatrix, ICSdigital, Three Ireland, as well as PMI.

These accomplished individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to the evaluation process, ensuring a comprehensive and insightful assessment of each applicant’s marketing efforts.

The jury will carefully assess the methods and techniques each nominee used to market their goods and services. Those who have applied, should give a distinct and unambiguous showcase of their marketing materialsability to push forward their business, while simultaneously ensuring accurate representation of the risks connected with gambling. It is crucial that the applicants offer transparent data.

Daniela Kianicová, the Project Lead of Casino Guru Awards, expressed her thoughts on the new nomination category:

Including this category is a logical progression from our unwavering dedication to developing an amazing format that takes into account the most important components of the business.

Kianicová eagerly anticipates witnessing real examples of marketing ethics that prioritize the client and give proper, honest data. A group of knowledgeable marketers will be instrumental in shortlisting, assessing, and eventually choosing a winner in such a crucial nomination.

Beginning on May 15, nominations for this Awards will be open until October 31. On December first, the selected companies will be unveiled. The victory will be commemorated and celebrated at the official celebration, which is slated for February 2024.