New York aims to legalize poker with a new bill

  • Thursday 19 January, 2023
New York aims to legalize poker with a new bill

A new proposal introduced to New York’s Assembly aims to legalize various types of poker by classifying them as skill games.

New York State Assembly bill A1380 has recently been introduced as the state’s latest attempt at categorizing different poker variants as skill games. It aims to achieve its goal by amending New York’s gambling laws.

The proposal mainly focuses on two types of poker, Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em, although if it passes, other similar variants may be influenced. Additionally, it calls for a special licensing requirement to offer such games, which is proposed to cost ten million dollars.

The law also proposes to give operators the opportunity to pay the license fee in smaller installments over the course of 60 months. Moreover, these payments can be paid in place of any other tax obligations during the period.

This bill is not the first one of its kind in the state, as there have been numerous similar attempts dating back to 2014’s New York State Assembly bill A9591A.

Lastly, this bill comes shortly after another proposal was introduced that aims to amend the state’s gambling laws, although in a completely different way. Assembly bill A1118, introduced just a couple of days ago, intends to require gambling advertisements to include warnings about gambling harms. You can read more about that here.