NOVOVISION™ debuts advanced features at ICE

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NOVOVISION™ debuts advanced features at ICE

Visitors explored NOVOVISION™ at the NOVOMATIC stand, delving into its comprehensive functionalities, combining casino management, efficiency optimization, and player satisfaction in a robust CMS solution. ICE unveiled new features like enhanced mobile apps for casino staff, advanced AML functions, a novel “eye” feature, and the official launch of NOVOVISION™ smart and NOVOVISION™ tournament.

NOVOVISION™ presents a comprehensive feature set for all aspects of modern casino operations. It empowers operators with real data to make informed decisions and shape their business strategy. The system’s robust toolset streamlines processes, enhances operational security, and provides a secure and innovative cashless experience, along with numerous other functionalities. Its high scalability makes it suitable for operations of all sizes, accommodating various cash system requirements, including TITO, Cashless, or biometric support. Operators can select individual modules and progressively expand the system to meet evolving operational needs or comply with changing regulatory requirements.

The system’s expanded access functionalities and advanced player loyalty strategies enable a thorough analysis of player preferences. This leads to informed conclusions about targeted promotional activities, showcasing remarkable results that significantly impact player retention and revenue growth.

The incorporation of biometrics facilitates a seamless player journey, unifying the experience from access control to the Promo Tower, across the slot floor, and extending to live table games. NOVOVISION™ meets the 360° requirements, catering to operators managing both brick-and-mortar and online businesses.

Designed for high-volume transactions, the NOVOVISION™ system architecture prioritizes maximum security, data integrity, and regulatory compliance for operators. Simultaneously, its player-centric approach greatly enhances the customer experience for guests.

Jens Einhaus, Sales Director NBS, said:

I was delighted not only as a sales executive to see so much interest from operators at the show, but also because I know how much energy and passion our development teams put into the many different functionalities of NOVOVISION™. We had some very pleasant surprise visitors at ICE and were able to present our CMS to several well-known operators. This is a high-speed segment with constant new developments, and it is very gratifying to know that we are at the forefront.

The NOVOVISION™ system architecture is designed to handle high-volume transactions, ensuring maximum security, data integrity and regulatory compliance for the operator, while its player-centric approach helps significantly enhance the customer experience for the guest.