Oskar Mühlbach leaves his role as the CEO of Raketech

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Oskar Mühlbach leaves his role as the CEO of Raketech

Oskar Mühlbach along with the Board of Directors of Raketech have mutually decided that Mühlbach should step down as Chief Executive because of disagreements about the company’s strategic orientation.

Johan Svensson, cofounder and former board member, will serve as interim Chief Executive until a new CEO is selected.

The Chairman of the Board in Raketech, Ulrik Bengtsson commented:

Throughout Mühlbach’s fouryear tenure as CEO, he has skillfully navigated the company through a successful transformation and a period of substantial growth. However, given divergent perspectives on the company’s operational direction between Mühlbach and the Board of Directors, a mutual decision has been reached for them to part ways.

The Board takes this chance to extend gratitude to Oskar Mühlbach for his significant contributions to the company’s development. Under his guidance, Raketech has undergone a transformative journey, leaving it with a robust foundation for continued progress.