Pavilion Payments points Dan Connors as CEO

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Pavilion Payments points Dan Connors as CEO

Pavilion Payments, a leading provider of payment solutions to the gaming industry, has appointed Dan Connors as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Prior to joining Pavilion Payments, Connors held senior leadership roles in seven companies and served as CEO in four of them. He also practiced law in Washington DC for 10 years and served as a military officer at the Pentagon. Most recently, Connors was the CEO of ScentAir, a pioneer in scent marketing and home fragrance, and he continues to serve as the Chairman of the Board.

Connors joins Pavilion Payments as CEO and a member of the board of directors.

Connors said;

I am thrilled to join the Pavilion Payments team full of dedicated and passionate individuals. I am committed to leveraging my experience to deliver industry-leading products and experiences to our customers and patrons.

With a proven track record of driving growth and operational excellence across various industries, Connors will collaborate closely with the leadership team to position Pavilion Payments as the premier vertically integrated payment provider in the gaming sector.

Connors’ appointment is particularly significant for Pavilion Payments as it advances its mission to deliver a seamless, omnichannel payment experience for operators and patrons across both physical and digital platforms. His leadership is anticipated to propel Pavilion Payments towards sustained growth, innovation, and strategic partnerships with its clients.