Richard Brown steps down as CEO of GIG in the end of 2023

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Richard Brown steps down as CEO of GIG in the end of 2023

GIG has made an announcement regarding its Board of Directors’ decision to reach the end of such a long-lasting partnership with Richard Brown, the CEO, and unveiled his departure.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Petter Nylander mentioned in his speech:

Richard’s remarkable contributions to GiG throughout this period have been exceptional, and in the outcome, GIG is now in the heights and can increase shareholder appreciation in the future. Richard has kindly volunteered to work till this year’s end in order to facilitate a seamless transition.

Richard Brown commented:

I see it as a huge achievement in my career to be a part of GIG’s journey in the past eight long years, and I would like to highlight especially the last four years as the company’s Chief Executive. Guiding a remarkable team of experts who made a significant contribution to building what I consider to be a unique strategic position for the company. I have complete confidence in the capabilities and dedication of the teams, as well as the supervisory teams of the various business aspects, to go on with pushing GIG towards its other objectives.

In February, the Board decided to complete a strategic review with the objective of dividing GiG into two distinct groups: 1. GiG Media and 2. Platform & Sportsbook. This evaluation is going well, and the Board is happy to report that. While Platform & Sportsbook division is already seeking a new CEO, GiG Media will be operated under the guidance of its current senior management.