Rightlander unveiled a strategic alliance with Boylesports

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Rightlander unveiled a strategic alliance with Boylesports

Rightlander, a prominent name in the realm of marketing compliance solutions and services, has unveiled a strategic alliance with Boylesports, a venerable player in the UK’s gaming industry.

This collaborative effort is geared toward bolstering Boylesports’ dedication to compliance with advertising rules in the UK market.

Rightlander will regularly monitor Boylesports’ promotional materials using its sought-after website controlling software. This technology’s main goal is to ensure adherence to the strict marketing requirements in the UK, giving assurance that all online activities are carried out in conformity with the established rules and regulations.

Performance Marketing Head at Boylesports, Dimitrios Armadoros commented:

With the UK market facing increased regulatory scrutiny, it is vital to embrace a more all-encompassing strategy for overseeing our campaign initiatives. We have discovered that Rightlander’s solutions align with our particular requirements and demands, giving us the necessary features to adeptly lead this intricate regulatory terrain.

Sales Director at Rightlander, Jonathan Elkin mentioned:

Our team is overjoyed to form a companionship with an iGaming frontrunner such as Boylesports. This collaboration not only serves as validation for the efficacy of our platform but also highlights our dedication to assisting brands in upholding the utmost standards of ad compliance.

Boylesports’ choice to collaborate with Rightlander is partly influenced by the platform’s easy-to-navigate interface. Rightlander provides straightforward and succinct reporting capabilities, affording Boylesports an uncomplicated means of handling adherence data. Additionally, an intuitively navigable dashboard and online interface simplify the process of modifying settings and accessing real-time outcomes, facilitating the decision-making process.