Rush Street Interactive expands Squares game to the NBA

  • Friday 24 February, 2023
Rush Street Interactive expands Squares game to the NBA

RSI has recently expanded its popular Squares offering with Basketball Squares.

The new wagering feature has been launched after its first iteration, NFL Squares, proved to be quite popular with bettors.

It will offer a board of a hundred final score combinations. Each square will have two numbers in opposing corners, which will represent the last digits of the home and visiting team scores. The one in the bottom-left corner will be designated for the latter, while the home team’s scores will be in the top-right.

Players will place their bets on which squares they think will contain the matching combination. Winning standard squares will award bettors 20 dollars, while special boosted symbols will be able to grant up to 10 thousand dollars in bonuses.

Select games on RSI’s platform will award players a free bet on the feature for a 20-dollar wager, two squares for 50 dollars, and three squares for 100 dollars. Moreover, betting more than 20 dollars on live sports will allow the user to boost their squares.

After seeing the excellent reception of our NFL Squares game, we are delighted to launch Basketball Squares. It will deliver a similarly innovative and thrilling experience and will enhance our offerings for all of our players

commented the Chief Executive Officer of RSI, Richard Schwartz.