Sambabet enters Brazil with WA.Technology platform solutions

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Sambabet enters Brazil with WA.Technology platform solutions

WA.Technology‘s expansion in Latin America takes another positive stride with the introduction of Sambabet to the Brazilian market.

This new iGaming operator brand, launched amid the fiercely competitive Brazilian landscape, is a testament to the close collaboration between WA.Technology and its specialized verticals: WA.Sports, WA.Casino, and WA.Fantasy.

Leveraging the expertise of WA.Technology’s Latin American market team, Sambabet was meticulously crafted from the ground up. This endeavor underscores WA.Technology’s prowess in delivering tailored iGaming solutions, ensuring localized and market-specific player experiences.

Moreover, the partnership between WA.Technology and Sambabet enriches the gaming landscape by offering players an extensive array of personalized online iGaming options. These offerings are meticulously curated to enhance player engagement and provide a bespoke gaming experience.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, said:

The introduction of Sambabet into the Brazilian market signifies another significant milestone in our expansion throughout Latin America. Our partnership with the Sambabet team has culminated in a platform that epitomizes our dedication to providing exceptional, customized, and localized iGaming solutions. We extend our best wishes to Sambabet for all their future endeavors, particularly during this pivotal moment in Brazil’s iGaming evolution.

Echoing this sentiment, Sambabet’s CEO, Flavio Correa, remarked:

Our collaboration with WA.Technology has played a vital role in making Sambabet a reality. Their expertise and cutting-edge solutions have empowered us to deliver a unique, customized, and competitive platform for Brazil’s iGaming industry.