Scientific Games appoints Mona Farland as chief of HR

  • Thursday 13 October, 2022
Scientific Games appoints Mona Farland as chief of HR

Mona Garland is going to be Scientific Games’s latest human resources lead.

The new appointee has a wealth of experience in her profession, having worked with the human resources teams of various high-profile companies for over two and a half decades. Some of her previous employers include Brambles and General Electric, both of which are multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

In her most recent position Garland served as the head of diversity and inclusion at another large organization, creating a vision of strategies that spanned all over its offices in the United States.

Employees are a company’s most important assets, and having an experienced human resources team is invaluable. Mona is the perfect person to lead our PR team, as she is passionate for developing people and helping them grow. We are looking forward to what she will be able to achieve with our team, and are looking forward to expanding our operations together.

remarked the chief executive officer of Scientific Games, Pat McHugh.

As part of her newest role, the new appointee will be tasked with creating and deploying programs and strategies that are focused on the company’s employees. She will also be responsible for acquiring and retaining talent to allow the firm to expand at pace.