Slotegrator launches new risk management module

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Slotegrator launches new risk management module

The developer of online casino software and aggregator Slotegrator has launched changed risk management module for its platform.

The new module brings together modern mechanisms and gives operators the necessary info in order to safeguard online casino.

Gambling is a risky industry, but mainly the risk needs to be on the player and not on the operator. In order to lessen the amount of risk, operators must carefully control their player’s behavior.

It is common practice for casinos to offer bonuses to new players to welcome them to the platform. Sadly, it is not unusual for players to abuse bonus offers by making multiple accounts, fulfilling rollover requirements and withdrawing money.

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Another difficult thing is Combating abuse. Those who abuse bonuses will claim that they just participated in a regular game. Platforms that defend themselves too strongly can earn an undeserved reputation for being unwise if they mistakenly exclude good players; platforms that don’t do enough to prevent abuse will become known as soft targets.

Platforms that take too firm a hand in defending themselves might get an undeserved reputation for being unreasonable if they wrongly keep our good players; platforms who do not work to prevent abuse are going to be known as a soft target.

The updated Slotegrator risk management module build-up and contrasts info to recognize individuals who abuse bonuses. The module displays a list of accounts that have exceeded the acceptable threshold for duplicating information, signaling that the owner of account may not be trusty and the account should be stopped.

The updated risk management module provides operators with needed features to safeguard their business from fraud and abuse. It has also introduced the KYC system and BI reporting tool.


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