SmartSoft is the official sponsor of Argentine football team

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SmartSoft is the official sponsor of Argentine football team

According to the recent updates, SmartSoft Gaming was officially introduced as the Argentine football team’s digital sponsor.

SmartSoft Gaming has been a top-tier supplier of cutting-edge casino gaming content starting from 2015, swiftly emerging as a key company, that collaborates with companions in over 70 different countries and provides a huge selection of gaming content.

SmartSoft Gaming formally united powers with the Argentine national team on October 20. This is the Argentine Football Association’s (AFA) inaugural European deal, with the main target to create stronger ties and move Argentina closer to the EU.

The Managing Partner at SmartSoft, Guga Gotsadze mentioned:

We start another prosperous journey that combines fervor and superiority with the enchantment of Argentine football. It is truly amazing to become the inaugural B2B company in the whole Europe that could gain the digital sponsorship of the Argentine National Team. This partnership will elevate our company to unprecedented heights.

The President of the AFA, Claudio Tapia mentioned:

It is amazing that SmartSoft is our digital sponsor. We have been developing a strategic strategy for the association to make better the team’s global fan base relationships. Our primary objective encompasses the creation of marketing and business initiatives as well as our involvement in important global activities. Our companionship with SmartSoft will undoubtedly assist us in our efforts to develop and fortify these ties in the EU.

SmartSoft is set to make its official European market debut with a new identity at the SIGMA Europe in Malta. The latter, taking place from November 13 to 17, marks the 20th iGaming event of this year for the digital sponsor of the Argentine team. SmartSoft’s active participation in this ceremony is aimed at further broadening its community of companions.

SmartSoft Gaming, established in 2015 by industry old–timers, is a prominent iGaming software supplier that brings to the table premium content to users located globally. SmartSoft’s missi...