Soft2Bet at Forbes Future of Fintech Summit in Cyprus

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Soft2Bet at Forbes Future of Fintech Summit in Cyprus

Soft2Bet, a prominent iGaming supplier, declared its innovative Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) at the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit in Cyprus on December 78.

This summit has a significant role for Soft2Bet to show the intersection of iGaming and Fintech, showcasing changing strategies poised to reshape player practices across various sectors.

Uri Poliavich, Chief Executive Officer of Soft2Bet, started discussions with Forbes fintech writer Meaghan Johnson. Together, they delved into the possible influence of Soft2Bet’s MEGA, talking about how it could change engagement not only in the sector but also in the broader realms of Fintech and financial services.

Poliavich pointed out the significant similarities among personalized aspects in Fintech and iGaming and argued for a smooth incorporation of interactive components. He explained:

Mobile apps with personalization features are similar whether they are in Fintech or iGaming. With MEGA, consumers can spend more time on screens while still having a tailored and captivating practice.

Meaghan Johnson commented:

Digital banking and fintech face challenges with gamification. Whether in sales or training, effective models are hard to come by. Uri has a fascinating idea about how and why Soft2Bet may help fintechs make better their gamification.

The Chief Operating Officer at Soft2Bet, Gilad Naim, pointed out the necessity of rationalized KYC processes and showcased Soft2Bet’s MEGA advancements as an extra layer of fun for users. He stated:

The upticks in engagement, revenues, and deposits serve as evidence that users will actively engage if supplied with the right offerings.

Soft2Bet aims to involve gamification in fintech through MEGA, unveiling a gamified wallet to enhance user engagement and screen time.

Soft2Bet’s active participation at the summit demonstrates its dedication to setting the standard for events that revolutionize the fintech and iGaming industry. The organization aims to leave a lasting impression by setting new benchmarks for advancement and involvement. The Cyprus IT community experienced an exciting occasion with this event.




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