SOFTSWISS talks about affiliate management interfaces

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SOFTSWISS talks about affiliate management interfaces

SOFTSWISS’s affiliate solution Affilka shares the results seen by online casino operator BC.GAME, showing an over 20% growth in player acquisition over a month.

According to recent cases studied by Affilka, most online gambling and casino operators switch affiliate solutions because of lacking data reporting and presentation, regulatory issues and excessive operational and maintenance costs.

SOFTSWISS’s affiliate solution offers a high quality experience that offers full-scale transition support with included help from account and technical departments to make it seamless. Additionally, Affilka helps their clients with all sorts of software problems as well, ensuring that they get massive leaps in player acquisition.

There can be a lot of different reasons to switch affiliate platforms, although it is not always an easy and seamless process. Additionally, choosing a new affiliate provider can be difficult if the operator doesn’t know what the results will be like. At Affilka we have put a lot of effort to make the undertaking as effortless and simple as possible, with a transition having the potential to be as simple as copying over contact information along with some other data points.

remarked the chief of SOFTSWISS’s Affilka, Anastasiya Borovaya.