Spain appoints Andrés Barragán Urbiola as gambling minister

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Spain appoints Andrés Barragán Urbiola as gambling minister

The Council of Ministers has appointed Andrés Barragán Urbiola as the Secretary General for Consumption and Gaming.

This new position, which specifically includes gaming in its remit, remains under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Pablo Bustinduy, the Minister for Consumer Affairs and Social Rights, requested the creation of a dedicated role to oversee gaming policy and personally selected Urbiola for the position. Urbiola has a background in economic policy and financial analysis and previously managed the introduction of support measures for businesses during the pandemic at the Ministry of Economy, Commerce, and Business.

Urbiola will be responsible for overseeing the ongoing update of Spain’s gambling laws, aiming to establish some of the strictest regulations in Europe. This remit was inherited by Bustinduy in November when he succeeded Alberto Garzon, who led a significant reform of gambling regulations starting in 2020.

Garzon’s reforms included the Royal Decree on Gambling Advertising, which banned betting sponsorships in sports and restricted gambling advertising to nighttime. Additionally, last year’s Royal Decree on Responsible Gaming Environments plans to introduce a centralized data registry and risk profiles for younger players.