Spain gives grants for problem gambling research

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Spain gives grants for problem gambling research

The Ministry of Consumption in Spain, known as the Ministerio de Consumo, is offering1.6m1.4m/$1.8m) in subsidies to research centers that are interested in exploring the impacts of gamblingrelated harm.

The order, which has been published in Spain’s Official State Gazette, invites public universities, university institutes, and affiliated centers, as well as public health entities affiliated with the National Health System, to submit their applications.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must provide a project plan. Nonprofit organizations are also welcome to apply, but they must clearly state their aim to conduct research initiatives if they are awarded the grant.

The grants are specifically intended for research projects that focus on detecting early signs of gamblingrelated harm behaviors and studying the negative impacts associated with problem gambling on individuals, their families, and their social status. In addition, the research should explore ways to reduce the stigma surrounding gambling harm and examine the genderspecific effects of such harm.

Organizations that collaborate with lotteries, poker, gambling, and betting industries are also encouraged to submit their applications. The deadline for applications is May 19th, and interested parties must submit their proposals through Spain’s regulatory body for gambling, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ).