Sportingtech talks about the importance of new players

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Sportingtech talks about the importance of new players

Sportingtech talks about the importance of acquiring and retaining new players amidst harsh marketing and operating conditions.

The current regulations in major markets like Europe make it quite a challenge to market betting services to new customers, and in some cases advertisements are completely outlawed. That makes every acquired customer incredibly valuable for operators, and retention measures become exceptionally important.

Sportsbooks should be implementing specialty features and coming up with revolutionary new ways to engage and retain players, and according to Sportingtech, they are ready to take on that challenge.

The provider’s platform offers a number of unique features tailored to entertain consumers for as long as possible. For Instance, the company’s betting tips help players make optimal wagers that are based on data that’s analyzed by an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Another example is Sportingtech’s quick betting tool that automatically places bids across a multitude of events with a single click of a button, which is an innovative tool that not many other platform developers have.

The supplier also has the ability to showcase popular wagers, sorted both locally and globally, to eliminate any doubt that a player may have about a specific bid.

However, ever-harshening regulation will unfortunately not be the only obstruction on the road for operators. Another problem that they will be facing this year is going to be the tight timetable involving the Premier League and the World Cup, as the latter has been pushed back this year leaving virtually no time for businesses to prepare between the two events.

In a situation like this, a modular and flexible platform is paramount to be able to adapt. Sportingtech’s Quantum interface is highly customizable and allows partners to prepare for different events quickly and painlessly.

Furthermore, the firm believes that this tight schedule will be a great opportunity for operators to gain new users and retain them, so long as they have the appropriate tools that’ll adjust as the conditions change.

Lastly, the company reiterated their core message, stating that suppliers have to be on the leading-edge to overcome the legislative turbulence, adding that despite the challenging times their groundbreaking services continue their growth momentum.