Sportradar to partner with Tennis Data Innovations

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Sportradar to partner with Tennis Data Innovations

Tennis Data Innovations is going to be partnering with Sportradar to boost data in the sport.

The new partnership will involve an expanded distribution channel for tennis data from the ATP Tour and the ATP Challenger Tour series. This will allow a number of bookmakers around the world to get access to official scores and betting data from the two tournaments, making the sport more accessible and enjoyable.

The data will be delivered by a new feed that will run in parallel to other existing ones. It will be accomplished through a licensing contract between the two companies, which will also make Sportradar an official odds and wagering data distributor for the two tennis championships.

We are quite excited to have the opportunity to work with a market leading sports betting provider like Sportradar and to have them be one of our official data distribution associates. Combining their forces with our existing partners who are market leaders in their own right, we are on track to expand our operations together to invest into the sport and help it grow.

commented the chief executive officer of Tennis Data Innovations, David Lampitt.

Our latest partner, TDI, is going to deliver their high quality tennis data to another portion of the market thanks to this new partnership. With it we will be able to improve the availability and the quality of tennis data, making it accessible to sportsbook operators who previously had no way to get data. Furthermore, it will boost the appeal of the sport as well.

remarked the content managing partner of Sportradar, Moritz Gloeckler.