Sportradar to provide integrity checks to IGF

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Sportradar to provide integrity checks to IGF

The International Golf Federation has partnered with Sportradar to utilize the latter’s sport integrity and match auditing services.

The sports technology developer Sportradar and the International Golf Federation have entered into a contract to combat match-fixing and ensure integrity in the golfing league.

The provider’s integrity solutions subsidiary will be working with the golf organization for the next two years, utilizing its fraud detecting software to keep IGF’s events free of such misdeeds.

Some of the events that are going to be monitored and analyzed for inconsistencies are going to be the Eisenhower and the Espirito Santo series taking place this year, as well as in 2023.

In the last few years we have seen a jump in wrongdoings in sports, with a growing number of leagues having these problems.

stated the chief managerial director of the tech company’s integrity solution arm, Andreas Kranich.

Consequently, Sportradar Integrity Services are thrilled to announce this partnership with the International Golf Federation. Golf has a significant viewerbase spread throughout the world and we can’t wait to start safeguarding IGF’s events from nefarious actors.

they continued.

Anthony Scanion, the golfing organization’s executive said:

For the International Golf Federation fighting against any unauthorized and dishonorable behavior is of utmost importance, and by collaborating with Sportradar’s Integrity Services subdivision, we are ensuring the absence of such ill-intentioned actions.