Sportradar to work with the European Table Tennis Union

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Sportradar to work with the European Table Tennis Union

The European Table Tennis Union will get integrity services by Sportadar.

The leading online betting solutions provider Sportradar has recently announced a partnership with the European Table Tennis Union to supply them with betting integrity services. The former will be utilizing its fraud detecting system to ensure the integrity of the union’s leagues.

For the next few years the provider will be monitoring numerous matches to ensure the absence of any bad actors. Their integrity offering has been tested relentlessly and used on over 150 different sports leagues around the world, where it has proven itself as a top-tier product.

The acting president of the sports union, Pedro Moura stated:

We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with sportradar and protect our players, fans and the sport in general from ill-intentioned parties and fraud. Sportradar has made a name for themselves over the years and has caught a big chunk of illegitimate wagering and match fixing violations. We are honored to have them protect our matches, everything from professional tournaments to the youth championship.

Andreas Krannich, the managerial director of Sportradar’s integrity solutions division commented:

We are excited to protect yet another sport from ever-increasing integrity threats. The violations have been steadily growing in the recent years as more people are getting into sports and sports betting. Additionally, major global events such as the pandemic have added their fair share of reasons for the increase of fraud in sports. Consequently, it is paramount for leagues to implement high quality protections against fraudulent actions. It is our mission to assist our associates to overcome integrity challenges so that everyone can enjoy the games in various ways.

Sportradar has managed to detect and examine over 7 thousand matches with suspicious behavior over their one and a half dozen years of offering integrity services.