Star Entertainment appoints two new non-executive directors

  • Monday 14 November, 2022
Star Entertainment appoints two new non-executive directors

Star Entertainment Group has recently announced the addition of two new non-executive directors to the company’s board

The two new board members are going to be Deborah Page and Toni Thornton. Both of them have a wealth of experience in top-level executive roles with both currently being in similar roles at two to three other corporations simultaneously.

The new appointments are a part of the firm’s recent board restructuring and enhancement program which was started back in the months of spring of the year. Additionally, they follow the previous hires of Anne Ward and David Foster as members of the board, which was carried out under the same initiative in the middle of August.

Page will be joining the board on the 1st of February, acting as an observer while she’s waiting for regulatory approvals. Thornton will be joining the board immediately, though like Page, she will be in the role of an observer as well before receiving the regulatory green light.

We are delighted to have Toni and Deborah join our board in such an important time for the company. They will be instrumental to our team, as they will bring a wealth of experience and skill from their decades in c-level roles. Additionally, they will also help us greatly in our higher management reform program we have been carrying out for the past few months.

commented the chairman of Star Entertainment Group, Ben Heap.