The Dutch KSA warns operator over advertising misconduct

  • Thursday 3 November, 2022
The Dutch KSA warns operator over advertising misconduct

The Kansspelautoriteit has issued a warning to the National Postcode Lottery over the latter’s use of a relatively well-known influencer in its promotional campaigns.

Having been featured in a number of the operator’s television and online advertisements, the person, who remains unnamed, has quite a hefty social media appearance. An investigation by the Kansspelautoriteit found out that they have a following of over 200 thousand people on Instagram and 100 thousand on TikTok.

However, the real problem was that person’s audience demographics. In addition to all the social media presence, they have also been featured in a number of television shows that had targeted an audience of substantially younger people.

The role model ban that the lottery company has broken outlines that operators of less risky gambling products may use famous figures in their advertisements under the condition of making sure that the role model doesn’t have a significant reach into audiences of minors and younger adults.

The NPL did not conduct the required investigation, and if their circumstances or timing were a bit different they would have been hit with a sizable fine from the Kansspelautoriteit. As the case was opened before the recent changes to the role model law in late June, the operator got away with a simple warning.