The French ANJ to restrict various gambling bonuses

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The French ANJ to restrict various gambling bonuses

France’s gambling regulatory body, the ANJ, has announced that it is going to ban bonuses for frequent gamblers.

The Autorité Nationale des Jeux has recently published a number of new regulations on the sizes, frequencies and a few other aspects of bonuses. A part of the published rules are binding regulations, while the others are just recommendations.

Firstly, the regulator completely limited bonuses for people with addictions or any other problems that make them vulnerable. It stated that operators need to stay vigilant, especially with players who have utilized a self-exclusion program.

The ANJ suggested operators to keep the sizes and frequencies of their bonuses reasonable, however they did not define what “reasonable” meant in an objective fashion.

Next up, the government agency put some rules around the language of bonuses, namely making it illegal to have any form of misleading, inadequate or incomplete wording. The recommendations stated that operators need to clearly mention details such as any time limits, deposit requirements and any other special terms and conditions.

Lastly, the regulator suggested operators to maintain bonuses under 100 euros. This one applies to both single deals and packages. The ANJ also recommended operators to balance bonuses for existing players in a way that they play a smaller part in a user’s decisions of whether to play or not, how much to deposit and how long to play.