French ANJ publishes list of blocked operators

  • Thursday 16 March, 2023
French ANJ publishes list of blocked operators

The French gambling regulator ANJ has recently published the list of blocked operators in the country.

For about a year the French gambling regulatory authority has had the ability to order search engines and local ISPs to de-list and block illegal gambling operators. The ANJ initially sends all illegal operators a notice to leave the country, after which the violating firms have five days to exit the French market. However, if the operator does not comply within the given timeframe, the regulator will submit a blocking request, and the violating website will no longer be accessible in France within two months.

This law replaced the old restriction system which required the regulator to wait over twice as long to get its blocking request approved by a court. The ANJ first utilized its new administrative blocking powers back in June of 2022, ever since which it has restricted access to over 150 illegal gambling operators and over 530 websites.

After building a sizable catalog of prohibited operators, the ANJ has recently published the list to help French players identify predatory businesses and steer clear from them. This blacklist will be updated once every month to ensure that it has relevant and up-to-date information. It can be downloaded here.

Moreover, the regulator has a list of fully licensed and compliant operators on its website to further ensure the safety of its players, which can be viewed here.