TheGamblest Recap: ICE London 2023 edition

  • Wednesday 8 February, 2023
TheGamblest Recap: ICE London 2023 edition

The latest news, launches, and exclusive interviews from ICE London 2023.

ICE London 2023 is one of February’s most prominent iGaming conferences for the industry’s developers. It is hosting a massive audience of over 35 thousand attendees and features over 600 companies that are showcasing their innovations and new ideas on the show floor. Our team is in London to check it out and bring you informative coverage of the most noteworthy reveals, launches, and interviews from the event. Welcome to TheGamblest Recap: ICE London 2023 edition!

The first day of the event started off with an exciting atmosphere as the exhibition halls were full of innovative companies showcasing their new ideas and concepts, aiming to deliver unique and entertaining experiences to players.

Another busy place at the show was the Consumer Protection Zone, which is an essential visit for firms aiming to stand out from their competition in terms of safer gambling.

Later on in the day, numerous startups were gathered at the Pitch ICE stand, where a dozen entrepreneurs were showing off their ideas, while several previous participants were sharing success stories and useful insights.

The event also hosted the members of the Shesports Cup eSports league, which provided an excellent showcase of women in eSports and gave visitors the opportunity to play with the athletes.

In addition to checking out the popular attractions, throughout the day our team interviewed several professionals representing exciting companies, starting off with Mancala Gaming.

We interviewed Lucie Kadlekova, the Chief Marketing Officer of Mancala Gaming, which had some of its entertaining slot titles and innovative gamification tools on display.

We are exhibiting our slot games, and our booth is in the theme of one of our best-performing new titles, Book of Wealth.

The firm had set up a very unique stand that featured an ancient Egyptian theme, which was turning a lot of heads and attracting many visitors.

We are also presenting some of our gamification tools, which we are very close to getting patented in the very near future. They will help operators with their player retention and activation statistics by automatically awarding bonuses, such as free spins.

Dmytro Kryvorchuk, the Sales Team Lead at Slotegrator, talked a bit about a couple of the firms innovative solutions that were on display at their stand.

Firstly, we have our Telegram Casino on display here at ICE, which enables operators to offer casino games within the popular messaging app, making the pastime more accessible.

Slotegrator’s Telegram Casino is an innovative one-of-a-kind solution that attracted a lot of attention at the show.

On the other hand, our newly updated iGaming platform features a number of new functionalities, such as our Risk Manager and the Casino Constructer. It also gives our clients a high degree of customizability, allowing them to change various elements on their webpage’s front end quickly and effortlessly.

We spoke with Katarina Slaninova, the Head of Marketing and Communications of Tom Horn Gaming, which intrigued us with its two brand-new games.

We are showcasing two of our latest slot titles at ICE London, Triple Thunder, and Wild Dragon’s Fortune. In fact, they are so new, they haven’t been released yet, giving our visitors at the show an exclusive opportunity to have an early look at them.

Additionally, we are also releasing our new partner content network, which will enable us to expand our catalog of offerings with unique games.

Tom Horn Gaming is aiming to take a new approach to game aggregation, focusing on integrating hand-picked innovative ideas and concepts rather than going with a quantity-first mindset.

The second day of the event kept its excellent atmosphere, as plenty of companies are still showcasing their innovations in the exhibition halls with no signs of slowing down.

The ICE Esports Arena expanded its agenda to include numerous discussions on the place of eSports and other innovative technologies in the industry. Moreover, the panel hosted friendly competitions between several Shesports Cup athletes, continuing to provide a great showcase of women in eSports.

One of the most exciting things of the second day took place in the Consumer Protection Zone, where its sponsors raised over 50 thousand Pounds for four different charities across the world. The British non-profits Better Change and Betknowmore, the American National Council on Problem Gambling, and the Dutch AGOG will be receiving over 13 thousand pounds each.

The third day of the event continued the excitement, despite visitors preparing for the end of the show. Exhibitors continued displaying their offerings and signing contracts with new partners, and the event kept entertaining its guests as usual.

Stay tuned for future installments in our Recap series, as we will be bringing you more coverage of exciting events and conferences very soon!