Top 7 Live Casino Game Providers

Top 7 Live Casino Game Providers

The popularity of live casinos has increased, retaining a huge audience of users, but what lies behind the scenes, that leaves them hungry for more, are seasoned and professional live casino game providers that deliver world-class iGaming solutions.

Casino operators can now boast sought-after gaming features, and captivate audiences with rich real-time gameplay, and all this due to live dealer casino software providers. Every aspect of live casino games seamlessly integrates to deliver users a comfortable and lively experience. For today, TheGamblest has created a detailed list of the best live casino game providers for emerging operators.

What is a live casino?

A live casino is an online version of a brick-and-mortar casino where players can engage in traditional games like roulette, blackjack as well as poker and baccarat with live dealers running the games behind the screens in real-time via video streaming. What has attracted so many players to this format of gambling, is the fact that you can experience casinos without actually going to one. Players can place bets, make decisions, and converse with dealers just as they would in a typical casino, but do it from anywhere they choose from.

The origins of live casino games date back to the 1990s, albeit in a significantly different form compared to what we see today. Live casinos, in their early stages, had a limited selection of gambling content, ran on several platforms, and were only broadcast during particular time slots. Since then, the situation in the online gambling industry has undergone profound changes with more benefits now available to entice users, which we go over in this article below. Today, live casinos have become a top choice among gamblers and operators, drawing millions of users who seek to enjoy a land-based casino experience in the online world.

How does a live casino work: supporting technology

4848738 aiLive casinos heavily rely on innovative technologies, cameras, and video streaming software. Let’s take a glimpse into the technology underpinning online casino gaming:

  • Optical Character Reader – this tech support instantly translates and broadcasts the croupier’s every move to the screen, delivering actual-time coverage of actions.
  • Cameras – strategically positioned cameras are a must to bring various perspectives of the game. For instance, in live roulette, cameras are above the table, focused on the wheel, and showing the dealer’s steps.
  • Game Control Unit – converts video data into code and uses table sensors to keep track of the players and gameplay accurately.
  • Monitors – the most important gadget for croupiers, displaying participant numbers, chat interactions, and bet information.
  • Audio and Chat Technologies – Leveraging audio and chat technologies allows operators to attract more players in conversations with both the croupier and fellow players throughout the game.
  • The Roulette Wheel – Within the assortment of games offered, the live casino typically features a roulette wheel. Casinos collaborate with major live casino game providers, and many wheels are equipped with embedded sensors. These sensors establish a connection with the casino software, facilitating the monitoring of player-dealer interactions for security purposes.

The technological equipment behind live casinos has evolved significantly and promises immense potential for both participants and platforms as the tech industry continues its rapid advancement.

Best live casino game providers in 2024

Now, let’s examine some of the prominent live casino software providers currently leading the market, aiming to assist casino operators in enhancing their offerings and overall player experience.

1. Authentic Gaming

authentic gaming tg

Authentic Gaming is a flourishing supplier, established in 2015, with a recognized roulette game library, utilized by respectable gambling clubs globally. The organization works with both online and offline casinos, proposing a huge variety of live games.

Authentic Gaming is a forerunner in offering premium live gaming arrangements with a solid spotlight on user interests and market trends. From its in-house Live Roulette ARENA, the games are played 24 hours. After that, it has enlarged its operational scope and is currently headquartered in Malta. Authentic Gaming could reach a strong position in the market by delivering comprehensive software, which in fact, could give the company a high regard among its peers.

2. BETER Live

beter live tg

BETER Live stands as a trailblazer in inventive live casino solutions and gaming content, firmly dedicated to prioritizing entertainment. Renowned for its steadfast commitment to delivering the best and most enjoyable live casino experience, BETER Live ranks as the premier choice for numerous casino partners seeking top-tier solutions.

As a subsidiary of BETER, a top supplier of high-speed betting products dedicated for forward-thinking users, BETER Live suggests a broad variety of games. The company boasts extensive practice in the industry, having forged successful cooperations with industry titans, and remains steadfast in its mission to create gaming products that not only prioritize entertainment but also set new industry standards for its operators.

3. LuckyStreak

luckystreak tg

Established in 2014, LuckyStreak is guided by individuals with a deep passion for enjoyment, innovation, and top-notch solutions. The company proudly holds its position as a leading provider in the online industry. Equipped with one of the best live broadcast technologies and staffed by a committed and skilled group of croupiers, LuckyStreak live casino studio extends its broadcast services to operators worldwide, operating seamlessly around the clock, 365 days a year.

To consistently uphold the pinnacle of entertainment and professionalism at LuckyStreak, each member of its studio staff, whether they are dealers or part of the management team, goes through rigorous and meticulously curated training at the company’s special Academy before they are entrusted with the responsibility of hosting a live game.

4. Pragmatic Play

pragmatic play tg

Pragmatic Play is a dynamic and fast-moving live casino software provider known for its award-winning solutions in both live and RNG games. Starting in 2015, the company has swiftly risen to prominence as a top company for a cross-selling portfolio accessible through a single API, earning the trust of operators and audiences worldwide.

Pragmatic Play Live Casino delivers an array of the most beloved live casino games, immersing players in a fully authentic and exhilarating gaming encounter that faithfully replicates the ambiance of a land-based casino. At the same time, it effortlessly offers all the benefits of online gaming, including quick and hassle-free deposits, extensive game statistics, a full betting history, impressive sound effects, animations, and more.

5. Ezugi

ezugi tg

Ezugi, a leading provider of third-generation live casino software, specializes in delivering thrilling live gaming experiences, effective customer support strategies, and efficient distribution methods tailored to the needs of partnering operators, whether online or offline. They offer real-time broadcasts of live games and captivating game shows from multiple Ezugi studios.

Ezugi distinguishes itself with its seamless compatibility across desktop and mobile devices, adapting effortlessly to various screen sizes and providing a user-friendly interface for an exceptional player experience. The company takes pride in its in-depth regional expertise, offering personalized and localized content designed for specific regions and markets. Their game collection encompasses exceptional classics, uniquely crafted game formats, and native-speaking dealers, ensuring an exciting gaming journey for users worldwide.

6. Vivo Gaming

vivo gaming tg

Vivo Gaming is one of the renowned live casino game providers, recognized globally for its leading solutions. Boasting over 13 years of practice in B2B and game services, Vivo has a group of professionals from diverse locations globally. With a profound understanding of the gambling world’s requirements and the users’ preferences, Vivo offers tailored services to meet any operator’s specific needs.

Vivo Gaming offers Native speaking dealers, 4HD robotic cameras, Chroma Key Broadcasting, 24/7 live streams, and tailored experience for any type of needs.

Be it an online or a land-based casino, Vivo Gaming caters to both, with its live casino and customized solutions. The Company has about 9 game types, which employ HTML5 technology and can be accessed through all devices, including Terminals, PCs, and mobile phones (iOS, Android), providing seamless gameplay across platforms.

7. Skywind Group

skywind group

Established in 2012, Skywind is another live casino game provider founded by seasoned professionals renowned for their expertise in crafting tier-one gaming content and pioneering iGaming services. After that, Skywind has broadened its offerings to offer over 500 Slot Games, Live Casino content, and exclusive player acquisition and retention features.

Skywind Group prides itself on its cutting-edge lobby, which offers limitless branded opportunities and an exceptional marketing suite. Their platform delivers seamless gameplay with live interactions and up-to-the-minute statistics. Every game can be customized and localized to suit the unique requirements of operators’ markets, allowing direct engagement with audiences through dealers fluent in their language.

These diverse offerings are bolstered by Skywind’s robust platform, ensuring an unmatched and comprehensive gambling experience. Presently, Skywind boasts a team of over 600 skilled professionals operating from various global hubs.

What to take into account when choosing live casino game providers?

Some of the pioneering casinos that offer live dealer tables operate these games internally using their own technology. However, those launching their casino or relatively newer established ones in the industry may find it necessary to partner with third-party live casino solution providers who can deliver their proven technology, software and games.

So, as a startup operator, here are a few things to consider before selecting your live dealer provider:

  1. Stream Quality: Credible live casino game providers prioritize the finest-quality casino streams, offering uninterrupted HD action. Pay attention to the high-quality game streaming to provide your players with realistic gameplay.
  2. Device Compatibility: Maximum choice and flexibility is the key to success in live casinos. Integrate your live casino products and make them accessible on PC, tablet, or laptop, and help them enjoy quick games on all operational systems.
  3. Dealer Competence: Opt providers that partner exclusively with top-tier live casino sites that share your expectations of dealer competence. Croupiers must possess skill, intelligence, and impeccable attention to detail, along with necessary etiquette.
  4. Game Variety: In the fiercely challenging industry of live dealer operators, a broad diapason of game types and their numerous variations is readily accessible. Partner with credible, licensed suppliers carefully research your audience’s interests, and bring to the table the entertainment they want.
  5. Multi-language Games: The live dealer casino platform should offer support for multiple languages, to ensure that players from diverse global locations can effortlessly access your casino.

The main pros of integrating live games into your casino platform

Many players today have accessibility to a variety of gaming platforms and possibilities that are available 24 hours on different devices. Live casino games will aid in player attraction and maintenance. Here are a few reasons for this:

  • Live Atmosphere – one of the most important elements that keep users coming back is the real-time effect, with actual dealers who engage participants in the game. This component adds a level of authenticity to the gameplay compared to its digital counterparts, enabling participants to appear in the digital casino world.
  • Communication – live casinos also encourage beneficial social contact between consumers, who can have engaging interactive communication with the croupier as well as fellow users during the game, boosting the overall social experience, and this gives casinos an additional layer of satisfaction.
  • HD Video Quality – live casinos’ dedication to flawless streaming is a key element driving their growth. Many companies suggest gaming in spectacular high-definition video, along with crisp interface and crystal-clear audio. This improved streaming emphasizes how realistic the games are today.
  • 24/7 Availability – Similar to other iGaming activities, engaging in online games with your chosen live casino game provider ensures constant availability for your audiences. The proprietary sessions operate round-the-clock, with live dealers working in shifts to cater to all your players’ gambling preferences. Giving your players an opportunity to launch their preferred game takes only a few seconds. As long as they have a device and a good Internet connection, they will be ready to commence their gambling experience.


Which is the best live casino provider?

According to numerous reviews and research, Evolution is one of the top suppliers and excels in offering an extensive variety of live gaming, the best streaming quality, and an exceptional player experience. Emerging in the industry live dealer casino solution providers such as LuckyStreak and Pragmatic Play may not have the same diapason of Evolution’s game library but can still provide distinct and immersive gameplay. Pragmatic Play, in particular, stands out for its innovative approach, regularly introducing new games.

Where are most live dealer studios located?

Live dealer studios are widespread in different locations, but most of the physical studios are spanning the EU countries, like Latvia, Malta, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Do live casino games use RNG?

In short, live casinos do not use RNG. True to its name, live casino is an online adaptation of the classic online casino games, featuring an authentic dealer who operates from a physical table in a studio or traditional casino. In this format, actions are executed directly, mirroring the actions of a human dealer as they shuffle and deal cards.

Why are live casinos so popular?

One of the first reasons is that your audiences can socialize with real dealers as well as fellow players in online chats. This social aspect gives live gaming richer entertainment when compared to regular games. Also, the finest live casino game providers offer top-notch content, making live gambling even more appealing to a broader player base.


Live casino providers have all the prospects to alter the iGaming industry. By offering clients a dynamic and more vivacious interactivity, integrating the best innovation, ongoing communication with the dealers, and suggesting an expansive extent of gaming choices, these suppliers have raised the thrill of gaming higher than ever. This part of iGaming keeps on improving the business, promising an amazing and always advancing scene for both prepared and beginner players the same.