UK Gambling Commission unveils a 3-year corporate strategy

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UK Gambling Commission unveils a 3-year corporate strategy

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has unveiled its latest Corporate Strategy spanning from 2024 to 2027.

Entitled “Gambling Regulation in a Digital Age,” this strategic roadmap underscores the Commission’s dedication to implementing the directives outlined in the Government’s White Paper, “High Stakes – Gambling reform for the digital age.”

Alongside maintaining its foundational regulatory duties, the Commission aims to embark on a series of initiatives over the forthcoming three years, focusing on the following strategic pillars:

  • Leveraging data and analytics to enhance the efficacy of gambling regulation.
  • Strengthening core operational capacities.
  • Establishing evidence-based criteria for licensees.
  • Proactively addressing issues at their inception.
  • Overseeing the National Lottery’s operations effectively.

The strategy emphasizes critical cross-cutting facilitators, including a review of the personnel strategy, an optimized stakeholder engagement approach, and ensuring the Commission possesses the requisite resources for effective regulation.

Marcus Boyle, Chair of the Commission, remarked:

Our new three-year strategy, ‘Gambling regulation in a digital age,’ outlines our pathway to implementing the reforms articulated in the Government’s gambling white paper and effectively regulating the National Lottery under new stewardship. We’re also committed to an ambitious agenda aimed at enhancing the efficiency of our regulatory framework. By establishing a new data innovation hub, we aim to harness data intelligently. We’re dedicated to enhancing transparency in our operations to elevate industry standards and innovatively combat illegal operators. Our vision is a gambling market characterized by fairness, safety, and freedom from crime, safeguarding both consumers and broader public interests. This strategy is a significant step towards realizing that vision.

Andrew Rhodes, CEO of the Commission, expressed pride in the Commission’s progress, noting:

While we’ve made significant strides in recent years, the upcoming cycle will see us fulfill key decisions made by both the Commission and the Government. Our objective is to serve as the authoritative voice on evidence and data, dispelling misinformation, scrutinizing facts, and facilitating better outcomes for the public. Initiatives like our Gambling Survey for Great Britain exemplify our commitment to embracing new data and insights. Maintaining robust standards for gambling consumers is paramount. Collaborating with industry stakeholders, we’ll promptly address emerging issues. Additionally, we’ll continue cross-border cooperation to combat illegal gambling and share regulatory best practices for collective improvement.