UKGC created website hub for operators

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UKGC created website hub for operators

The UK Gambling Commission has recently introduced a new platform designed to support casinos in comprehending their responsibilities when cooperating with entities that are not authorized, such as white-label iGaming companies.

Featured in the Compliance section of the Commission’s publication, the hub presents transparent directives and anticipated standards for operators who involve in business partnerships with external parties.

The unveiling of this hub is a direct response to the Commission’s compulsion measures taken against casinos for their inadequate execution of third partiesprecautionary measures reviews.

The main goal of the hub is to give casinos an indepth grasp of their duties under the License Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) controlling the liabilities of gaming firms as they enter into deals with other organizations.

Alongside broader instructions, the hub offers tailored recommendations specifically for operators engaged in whitelabel partnerships. It emphasizes that the gaming licensee is primarily responsible for adhering to playing regulations, specifically those that apply to whitelabel sites.

The Commission reiterates its dedication to vigilant monitoring of licensees involved in such business relationships, making sure that compliance is consistently upheld.

The hub’s debut gives an excellent opportunity for casinos to give priority to extensive investigations and keep uptodate on all the duties they have when working with other organizations. Those can improve their attempts to comply and reduce the probability of being prosecuted by the Commission by following these rules.

The UKGC demonstrates its unwavering dedication to developing a clear and safer iGaming industry, and the introduction of this website hub signifies another significant stride towards reaching these goals.

The hub is a single point of access to essential data, recommendations, and rules to develop company connections. In the end, it seeks to encourage a more secure and responsible gaming culture in the United Kingdom.