UKGC launched new online confidential reporting service

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UKGC launched new online confidential reporting service

The UKGC has introduced an innovative “Tell us something in confidence” newly launched service, simplifying the process of confidentially reporting dangerous and dubious iGaming activities.

This private reporting service is designed for finding out various unacceptable iGaming activities, encompassing:

  • Match-fixing
  • Money laundering
  • Criminal activities
  • Underage gambling
  • Not licensed gaming.

The newly released offering is a comprehensive platform, enabling players to anonymously submit supporting info for their reports. This also includes the opportunity to upload photos as well as documents directly. Additionally, players have the flexibility to give further details via email or traditional mail.

If customers would like to be contacted about the info they submit, they can also choose to disclose their contact data.

The new service is suitable for sharing any info suspected to be connected to criminal activity according to the Gambling Act 2005 or any other info deemed valuable to the UKGC from a controlling standpoint.

It is mainly intended for signaling instances of criminal activity. If a player would like to file a complaint regarding a gaming establishment, they can check their “How to complain” webpage for the detailed procedures.

The private telephone line provided by the Commission for confidentially reporting illegal or dubious conduct will stay operational.