UKGC sees 4% rise in online gambling revenue in Q3

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UKGC sees 4% rise in online gambling revenue in Q3

The UK regulatory authority released its industry statistics for the third quarter.

The British Gambling Commission released Q3 data on online gambling, noting a 4% YoY increase in Online Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) to £1.3bn. Online slots GGY reached £618m, marking a 6% YoY rise and a record quarterly high.

Real event betting in December doubled YoY to £196m. Slots participation peaked at 4,206,392 accounts in December, with a 3% increase in sessions lasting over an hour. Retail betting GGY rose by 0.5% to £563 million despite a 4% drop in bets to £3.3bn, and bets on self-service betting terminals declined by 10%.

The regulator advised caution in direct comparisons, citing potential free bet impacts, and is conducting investigations into product categorizations.

The commission is currently in its second round of consultations, addressing topics like socially responsible incentives, customer-led tools, and changes in regulatory returns frequency.