Wazdan enhanced top-performing game series with 15 Coins™

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Wazdan enhanced top-performing game series with 15 Coins™

Wazdan, a leading game provider known for its innovation, is making a major move with the launch of its highly anticipated addition to the widely popular 9 CoinsTM series15 CoinsTM.

As the fifth installment in this successful series, 15 CoinsTM has consistently delivered outstanding results for operators across multiple markets.

Building upon their reputation for innovation, Wazdan has further enhanced the math model in 15 CoinsTM by growing the reels from 9 to 15, resulting in even more captivating gameplay.

The highly popular Hold the Jackpot bonus play makes its triumphant return, offering players the thrilling chance to earn one of four fixed jackpots. Adding a new level of thrill to the series, 15 CoinsTM introduces the Grand Jackpot, which allows players to potentially win up to 1,000 times their initial bet.

The revolutionary Cash InfinityTM feature, known for its capacity to improve player engagement, raise retention rates, and elevate the entire gaming experience by raising the frequency of bonus wins, is featured in 15 CoinsTM in a groundbreaking step for the series.

Furthermore, the Chance Level mechanic by the provider injects even more thrill into the title. Players now have the option to multiply their bets, increasing their chances of swiftly reaching the Hold the Jackpot round and unlocking its incredible rewards.

Continuing their dedication to delivering tailored player experiences and proven results, Wazdan introduces 15 CoinsTM as the latest addition to their beloved series. This follows the successful launches of two recent titles, 12 CoinsTM and 9 CoinsTM: Grand Gold Edition.

Andrzej Hyla, CCO at Wazdan mentioned:

We take immense pride in the ongoing success of our renowned 9 CoinsTM series, and our latest release is set to surpass all expectations. With the introduction of additional reels, an enhanced bonus round, and the revival of beloved mechanics that exemplify our commitment to engagement, we’re bringing an extra level of excitement to players. We provide a variety of thrilling routes to the top prize in 15 CoinsTM, along with our beloved features that can increase player happiness and engagement. We are confident that this game will be another resounding success, as it combines thrilling gameplay with our unwavering dedication to delivering an exceptional practices.

With each new release, Wazdan showcases their unwavering commitment to creating games that are personalized to the player’s preferences while consistently delivering outstanding outcomes. 15 CoinsTM is another testament to their dedication to providing innovative solutions that resonate with players and drive exceptional results.

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