What is a game aggregator and how it can help casinos?

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What is a game aggregator and how it can help casinos?

To enhance player loyalty and secure higher positions in today’s competitive iGaming market, casino operators prioritize offering an appealing and regularly updated portfolio of games. This is where game aggregators take part into the game, to push startup and well-established operators.

Every online casino operator understands the crucial importance of catering to their audience’s preferences. This involves incorporating games that resonate with players in their specific target market, facilitating seamless transactions using various currencies, and presenting enticing jackpot opportunities. In this article we will talk about casino aggregators, their main benefits and drawbacks, as well as discuss the best ones in the industry.

What is a Game Aggregator?

A game aggregator is a very popular solution that serves as an intermediary between online casinos or sports wagering platforms and various entertainment content suppliers and game studios. The main goal of this type of solution is to help engage and distribute a broader diapason of casino titles and wagering offerings from multiple software providers into a single platform, making it more convenient for operators to present a diverse and comprehensive gaming experience to their audiences.

Here’s how a game aggregator typically works:

  • Integration: Aggregators establish cooperation and agreements with various game studios and iGaming B2B companies. They integrate the content from these providers into their platform through APIs or other integration methods.
  • Centralized Platform: Once integrated, games from third-party providers become accessible through a centralized platform given by the casino game aggregator, the online gambling website can administer and deliver the entertainment content to its audiences using this platform.
  • Diverse Game Selection: By aggregating titles from a tremendous diapason of B2Bs, the aggregator suggests an enlarged and varied selection of games, including slots, live dealer games, table games, poker, virtual sports, lottery, esports, and much more.
  • Easy Integration for Operators: Casinos can connect to the gambling aggregator’s platform, getting availability to all the integrated games without feeling the urge to establish separate integrations with each individual game studio. This streamlines the process and saves time and effort for the casino operators.
  • Ongoing Support and Constant Updates: The casino game aggregator is responsible for maintaining and updating the games within their platform. They also handle any technical issues that may arise, allowing the casinos to focus on other aspects of their business.

The pros and cons of game aggregators

Using gambling aggregators may significantly serve as a game changer for many debuting, and why not, already well-established iGaming companies. Anyway, there are various advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account.

Pros of using game aggregators:

  1. Time-efficiency – When collaborating with an aggregator, one of the main benefits is saving significant time that wouldpros and cons tg otherwise be spent negotiating terms individually with each provider. The cumbersome task of contract discussions is outsourced to the aggregator’s specialized legal team. Utilizing an aggregator’s services enables operators to populate their platform with games from numerous developers without engaging in separate contractual talks.
  2. Support – Partnering with gambling aggregators also grants operators the benefit of regular assistance and support. They are not only responsible for technical maintenance, but also manage player accounts and give promotions.
  3. Advantageous conditions – Aggregators collaborate with many casino operators, often numbering in the dozens or even hundreds. This substantial volume empowers them to secure more favorable rates with game studios and eliminate costly setup fees associated with prominent developers. Despite the mark-up imposed in their monthly payments, the resultant costs for operators remain as appealing, if not more so, when contrasted with the option of direct engagement with game providers.
  4. Bonuses and promotions – When providers enlist their products with a game aggregator, they vie for the interest and participation of gamblers. Consequently, they extend top-tier promotions, bonuses, tournaments, and diverse ad concepts to online gambling operators. This strategic move fosters enhanced gambler loyalty, fortifying the standing of both the operator and provider within the dynamic landscape of the iGaming market.
  5. Single API Integration – One notable benefit offered by iGaming aggregators is what’s commonly referred to as the “single contract – multiple games” option. This approach eliminates the need for operators to dedicate significant time and financial resources to negotiating contracts with each individual game provider. Instead, an online casino can establish a solitary contract with a game aggregator, granting access to a diverse array of games tailored to its requirements.
  6. Exclusive game collection – Game aggregators prioritize current trends over the scale of iGaming B2B businesses. They meticulously choose and provide a distinguished portfolio of exceptional, top-quality titles featuring engaging and catchy graphics. This strategy fuels casino expansion by leveraging the popularity of trending titles.

Cons of using game aggregators:

  1. Restricted number of providers – Typically, the larger the software provider’s footprint in the market, the more inclined they are to exclusively pursue direct integration options. For instance, Playtech, in a recent strategic move, has opted to decline new casino game aggregator collaborations. This decision restricts the offering of their gaming content to only existing companions.
  2. Maintenance and disruptions – There might be instances where your game aggregator opts for significant system maintenance. During such periods, all your games could become temporarily inaccessible. Similarly, if a security breach occurs and your system gets compromised, it can yield comparable outcomes.
  3. Diverse promo offers from software providers – Numerous suppliers present varying promotions to casinos. Seasonal bonuses and promotional assets as well as specific gaming content are conveniently accessible via the client area, and these advantageous offerings might not be accessible if you opt for collaboration via a game aggregator.

How to choose the best game aggregator for your casino?

criteria tgChoosing the right game aggregator for your casino needs is a crucial decision that can significantly influence the success and offerings of your gambling business. Here we have separated are several important and useful tips you can consider while making your final verdict.

Define your needs and purposes, determine the types of casino games you want to offer. To help you with this you can check one of our latest articles about casino games. Identify your target audience and their preferences. Outline your long-term business goals and growth strategies.

Research and shortlist aggregators and look for well-established and reputable ones in the industry. Consider aggregators that offer a diverse portfolio of games from various reputable software providers. Read feedback and testimonials from other operators to gauge the aggregator’s performance and reliability. Make sure that the aggregator and the games they offer are authorized by reputable gambling jurisdictions.

Understand the aggregator’s revenue sharing model and pricing structure, compare it with your budget and revenue expectations. Clarify any additional fees, maintenance costs, or hidden charges that might arise. Evaluate the level of customer assistance and technical support given by the gambling aggregator.

Opt for an aggregator that regularly adds new games from credible software suppliers. This keeps your casino’s game library fresh and exciting. Prioritize aggregators that follow stringent security terms to protect user information and ensure fair gaming practices.

Top game aggregators in iGaming

A game aggregator presents a swift and cost-efficient means to effortlessly acquire and oversee casino content. Given the demand for this solution, the market offers many leading casino game aggregators from top iGaming software development companies. Let’s now discover the best casino game aggregators that can become a good partner for many starting operators.

1. Alea


Alea stands as a recognized, award-winning casino game aggregator, poised to revamp your game library and enhance online casino’s performance through a single integration. With an extensive library of over 10,000 titles and useful player-engaging features, numerous operators can achieve substantial results. By connecting your casino to a single API, you can unlock access to many titles and features, all with no minimum fees and 0 technical maintenance demands. New partnerships can secure the most competitive prices and promotional offers, all conveniently bundled under a single contract.

2. EveryMatrix


SlotMatrix, a distinguished casino game aggregator operating under the EveryMatrix, provides casinos with access to the most sought-after game content without any platform fees. SlotMatrix seamlessly integrates with any gaming platform available in the market. With a single integration, you can access an impressive array of 300+ game developers and over 22,500 titles, including engaging content from their proprietary gaming studios and trusted RGS partners. Additionally, you can harness popular promo tools to bolster player acquisition and retention efforts, all while benefiting from round-the-clock assistance and special account management.

3. PariPlay


PariPlay, the top casino game aggregator in the iGaming industry, extends its FUSION aggregator to new casinos. FUSION represents a unified and streamlined approach to content delivery, with a primary emphasis on delivering enhanced efficiency and outstanding return on investment (ROI) for operators. Through a partnership with PariPlay’s FUSION, casinos gain access to a wide spectrum of conversion, retention, and bonus tools, empowering them to tap into various regulated markets and provide fully localized gaming content. Another significant advantage is the availability of dedicated professional assistance around the clock, ensuring smooth operations.

4. BtoBet


BtoBet provides a robust casino game aggregation solution suitable for both new entrants and well-established casinos. This offering empowers operators to tailor their online casino offerings to suit specific markets and player interests. With Neuron 3’s Content Aggregator, you gain access to a diverse portfolio of over 12,000 games from more than 100 of the industry’s top B2Bs, all seamlessly integrated into a single portfolio. BtoBet ensures that you take advantage of an ever-evolving title selection, regularly updated by the content suppliers, including the latest successful games.



Another casino game aggregator in our list is Reevo, a B2B gaming content supplier, aiming to create an unmatched influence within the iGaming industry and provide the best content to its operator companions. Reevo not only develops its titles but also collaborates with top content suppliers in the industry, which ensures that casino companions will access a huge array of titles via a single API integration. Each of their companions brings distinctive benefits, caters to specific target groups and markets, and follows unique entry criteria—all backed by our excellent customer service and account management.

6. ESA Gaming

esa gaming

ESA Gaming stands out as a distinguished and autonomous iGaming supplier and game aggregator, known for its exceptional entertainment solutions. Among its notable accomplishments is the creation of EasySwipeTM, a collection of outstanding HTML5 games meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with sportsbooks. This integration allows audiences to enjoy high-quality casino gaming content without any interruptions to their sports betting activities. At ESA Gaming, the foundation is rooted in the essence of fun and entertainment, and they aspire for the games to be embraced for the right reasons. ESA Gaming approaches Responsible Gaming with utmost seriousness, aiming to suggest sources of entertainment that players can delight in within a safe, and fair environment.

7. EGT Digital

egt digital

EGT Digital provides unparalleled gaming with its top-tier content sourced from the finest iGaming developers, encompassing 8,000+ titles from 90+ leading suppliers. Operators can tailor their casino websites with ease by utilizing iFrame, widgets, or JS SDK. The game aggregator offers single API integration for direct accessibility to a huge selection of gaming content, ensuring a swift time to market. Its dedicated round-the-clock gaming support team is ready to assist, providing peace of mind. The game aggregator also suggests excellent reporting tools, offering comprehensive insights into the casino platform’s performance.

8. iGaming Deck


The iGaming Deck, powered by one of the most powerful software providers, iGaming Platform, functions as a cutting-edge game aggregator housing a huge array of beloved titles from the finest suppliers, facilitating smooth integration into any casino platform via an API. The devoted team of professionals behind the aggregator supports its operator partners throughout the integration journey, working with gaming content suppliers to deliver continuous tech assistance and support.

9. LuckyStreak | LuckyConnect


LuckyConnect, a renowned game aggregator supported by LuckyStreak, presents a straightforward yet adaptable API integration for casinos. The proficient team behind the solution has tailored it to grant access to top-tier slots and a broad array of other casino games, establishing itself as a prominent supplier of casino software. Through the LuckyConnect, they function as an all-encompassing live casino solution. Operators receive access to their vast assortment of live casino titles, along with the fast-moving selection of other-party games. As an aggregator of iGaming solutions, the company guarantees that once integrated, casino operators can easily access new game suppliers without the need for additional integration.

10. NuxGame


The NuxGame game aggregator consolidates a comprehensive array of beloved casino games into a single, easily accessible platform, facilitated by a streamlined API for swift integration. Additionally, it furnishes technical and marketing assistance, coupled with comprehensive data analytics, to ensure an optimal experience for both operators and players alike. Boasting a diverse selection of over 120 game providers, and offering a wide spectrum of games, it also features round-the-clock technical support, regular content updates to provide players with the latest game versions, and an efficient back office system.

11. Uplatform


Uplatform game aggregator’s extensive collection boasts a vast array of top providers, timeless classics, and the latest releases, making it easier and less complicated for users to explore. With over 2000 live casino games from 40+ suppliers seamlessly integrated into one platform, users have access to a diverse selection. Continuously introducing new and innovative providers ensures a dynamic experience tailored to different markets. Supported by a professional team with proficiency in the industry, the platform offers insights into user activity, game performance, and monthly GGR dynamics through an advanced back-office tool.



The Game Aggregator powered by SOFTSWISS is a center of many of titles tailored to online casinos and sportsbooks. With simple API integration, iGaming platforms can seamlessly incorporate over 250 suppliers, including RNG and Live Dealer games from the finest studios of the industry. Its back office enables operators to monitor game rounds efficiently. The platform ensures a modern game library with regular updates and exclusive games, while also offering a customizable tournament tool to create enticing competitions with substantial prize pools. Moreover, the platform supports cryptocurrency gameplay with over 1000 games optimized for this purpose. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction with 24/7 client support, ensuring swift responses and resolutions in multiple languages. Committed to data security, it adheres to ISO 27001 compliance standards, safeguarding both its assets and customers’ data.


What is casino content direct integration?

Choosing direct integration means to carefully select your game supplier that aligns with operators’ chosen markets and target audience and then establish a direct companionship through a rigorous procedure that often includes a KYC process. However, this collaboration typically requires the casino to invest a substantial setup commission to be enabled to connect to the gaming content.

Note that getting games from B2Bs is not a time-efficient process, requiring extensive negotiations with them, which can result in mutual agreements on revenue sharing terms, handling paperwork, and carrying out the technical integration of the gaming software. Moreover, each gaming content provider chosen by the operator will likely employ a different API for the technical integration of their gaming software. As a result, every time the casino operator wishes to include a new provider, they must go through the entire cycle again.

Should startup operators work with game aggregators?

As a starting casino operator, it will be more recommended to start the path in the iGaming world with game aggregators as they present an economical option, giving access to a broad scope of many well-liked video slots and titles catering to different markets, even if you lack industry expertise.

What is single API Integration?

API integration pertains to the Application Programming Interface within this context. It comprises a set of established conventions that enable the various components of the application to share data. This facilitates the incorporation of specialized gaming content into the gambling environment, enhancing the gameplay’s advantages.

Are turnkey and white-label solutions good alternatives for game integration?

In the iGaming industry, aside from a single API solution, both turnkey and white-label solutions are widely favored by casino operators. White-label platforms offer a comprehensive package, encompassing sportsbooks, online casino games, payment solutions, risk management, customer support, and a gaming license. Operators simply incorporate their logos and enter the market. In contrast, the turnkey platform requires operators to secure a gaming license, and to bear responsibility for financial and legal matters. This approach also facilitates extensive customization of the casino, tailoring the front-end to their preferences. Operators actively participate in project development, while the provider manages technical aspects, enabling them to concentrate on promoting their business and reaping the rewards.


In conclusion, gambling aggregators serve as invaluable partners for operators, allowing them to allocate their focus towards vital tasks like managing financial matters, creating impactful marketing campaigns, and conducting comprehensive consumer research. This collaborative approach enables the aggregator to shoulder the responsibility of overseeing the technical facets of platform operations. It’s important to acknowledge that attaining the best possible outcome across all fronts is a complex endeavor. Realistically, the results achieved are often proportional to the investment made. As such, it is wise to approach decision-making with careful consideration and avoid being solely driven by the allure of the cheapest available options.