Affilka by SOFTSWISS is reported to be hacked

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Affilka by SOFTSWISS is reported to be hacked

Affilka by SOFTSWISS is an affiliate management software platform designed for the iGaming industry. Recently, some doubtful reports appeared, that Affilka software has been hacked and some payment details have been changed.

A few companies, namely N1, Chilli Partners, and Bambet, have sent emails to their users recommending the activation of 2FA, but they have not disclosed that their platform has been compromised. The users are full of doubt, as many of them have already been hacked and lost big amounts from their Affilka platform. There are reports from affiliates who lost huge sums, up to $30,000 if not more. This is like a largescale issue.

Now when the news is spreading about the vulnerability of the platform, there are going to be more attempts to hack it.

says an Affilka user.

Moreover, CoinsPaid, a crypto payment system has been added to Affilka’s other payment methods, which became a major suspect for the users and led to one thoughtthat the platform is hacked 100%.

According to the users, the programs try to put the blame on the affiliates for not having enabled 2FA, but they are fully responsible for the security, as 2FA is just an option, not a requirement. Also, they complain that the software is not eligible to allow adding a crypto payment method without authorization and automatically approve the payments.

According to SOFTSWISS, the lack of two-factor authentication on several accounts led to them being compromised by attackers who were able to gain unauthorized access.

The company commented on this:

We take every security issue seriously and there is no indication that Affilka has been hacked. We understand that the safety of clients’ data is of utmost importance, and we encourage our clients to use strong passwords and 2FA for all their accounts.

About Affilka by SOFTSWISS

Affilka is an affiliate marketing software developed by SoftSwiss, a prominent iGaming software provider. It offers a comprehensive platform for online casino and sports betting operators to manage their affiliate programs. Affilka is designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for both affiliates and operators, enabling affiliates to easily track their earnings, monitor their performance, and manage their marketing campaigns. At the same time, it allows operators to efficiently manage their affiliate networks, set commission rates, and monitor traffic and conversions. Overall, Affilka aims to simplify and streamline the affiliate marketing process for both parties, enhancing the profitability and effectiveness of affiliate programs in the iGaming industry.