AvatarUX releases latest egyptian-themed title, HelioPOPolis

  • Monday 12 December, 2022
AvatarUX releases latest egyptian-themed title, HelioPOPolis

HelioPOPolis is going to be the latest slot game developed by AvatarUX.

The new title makes extensive use of the developer’s unique PopWins feature, which will expand the game’s standard 5 by 6 reel and award players with over 32 thousand paylines.

Its theme features a modern twist to the popular Egyptian one, with the contemporary symbols and other small features contrasting nicely with the classic-looking background.

Speaking of classic, the game also features a number of traditional slot game thrills, such as bonus symbols and free spins. The latter mechanic will trigger if the player lands more than two bonus pyramids on the reels.

However, these classic mechanics also feature modern touches. When a bonus round is started players will have the choice of selecting one out of a pair of award options, which are a 100% chance of landing a wild and synced reels. The former is pretty self-explanatory, and the latter will increase the chances of landing in a 2 by 2 or a 3 by 3 pattern.

Additionally, free rounds will also feature an expanded win symbol, which will have a chance of being converted from a randomly selected regular symbol on the reels. The extended win will cover an entire column and will greatly increase the chances of winning and the size of the award.

Lastly, the bonus spins will feature a chance of landing a mystery symbol, which can transform into any other symbol, increasing the user’s winning potential.

The bonus rounds will be available to directly purchase in select jurisdictions.

Our new title, HelioPOPolis puts an intriguing and modern twist on the popular classic egyptian theme and integrates perfectly with our PopWins mechanic. It is our latest top-notch game where we had fun exploring different configurations of various smaller gameplay features, such as our synced reel spins and special expanded win symbols. We are eager to find out what our partners and their players think of our new product.

remarked the chief executive officer of AvatarUX, Nicola Longmuir.

The new title will initially be available through direct integrations only, with a global launch planned in spring of 2023.

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