AvatarUX releases latest title, KokeshiPop

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AvatarUX releases latest title, KokeshiPop

KokeshiPop is going to be the latest title with an Asian theme developed by AvatarUX.

Featuring stunning colors and high quality audio, the game is a classic slot game with a 3 by 5 reel. It has over 480 winning pay lines, which boasts a both-way paying mechanic. The new title also features the developer’s renowned PopWins mechanic, which can double winning symbols and create new pay lines by increasing the size of the reels.

If the player manages to reach the maximum possible reel size, which is 6 rows tall, they will be awarded with a random multiplier of up to 20 times their bet. After that, each time the user wins their randomly determined multiplier will double.

The game features a number of traditional slot mechanics as well, such as scatter symbols. Landing more than two of those will trigger free spins, with the minimum amount that can be rewarded being five. During this play mode, the reels get a one symbol boost to their height, meaning that they start at a height of 4 and can grow to 7 symbols.

During the free spins, if the player achieves the immense 7 symbol height on all the columns they will be awarded with the Kokeshi multiplier, which will multiply the user’s current multiplier by 20 times. Additionally, in the largest form of the slots the player will have the chance of scoring one of the over 33 thousand paying lines.

The user will start the bonus mode with a multiplier of 1, with each spin then doubling it. Before starting it they will also have the opportunity to spin a wheel for a chance to win a dozen free spins.

We are delighted to launch our newest title with a Asian themed visuals and audio, Kokeshi pop. Boasting our renowned PopWins feature, the game has enormous winning potential, making it quite entertaining. We are eager to hear the opinions of our partners and their players on our latest slot product.

commented the chief executive officer of AvatarUX, Nicola Longmuir.

The game will at first be available via direct integrations for select partners, with a global release expected in the coming year.

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