BETBY launches Corporate Social Responsibility project

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BETBY launches Corporate Social Responsibility project

BETBY, a forward-thinking provider of sportsbook solutions, has made a dedication to bolstering its steadiness principles via its new project, namely Corporate Social Responsibility.

BETBY, which has a substantial footprint in Latvia, could secure cooperation with Common Ground, and those who lost their homes in Ukraine can find haven at Common Ground.

The core objective of this undertaking is to facilitate the involvement of individuals in the local community and give them the necessary skills to navigate their new environment.

The partnership represents the most recent humanitarian endeavor that solidifies BETBY’s unwavering commitment to putting first the welfare of individuals and encouraging a society characterized by welfare and compassion.

Delivering workshops on making jewelry boxes and colorful flowers was the idea of BETBY. The intriguing initiatives that are in store include this entertaining activity as just one illustration.

Many of BETBY’s team members have volunteered at the community center to deepen ties, adding to the 2 hundred-people team that already exists. In addition, plans are being made for Common Ground staff to stop by BETBY’s office and engage in conversations about upcoming collaborative initiatives.

According to Oksana Petrova, the HR Chief at BETBY:

This event holds immense potential for fulfilling our mission of social responsibility and affecting society, particularly in assisting individuals influenced by the latest occasions in Ukraine.

Petrova expressed the company’s will to put something inspiring in people’s lives, even though modest endeavors. The idea undertaken thus far has garnered remarkable engagement, and there are ambitious plans to expand the cooperation with Common Ground in a substantial manner.