Betby forges strategic partnership with Cactus Gaming

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Betby forges strategic partnership with Cactus Gaming

Betby and Cactus Gaming have announced a strategic alliance, marking a pivotal moment in the integration of Betby’s advanced sportsbook into Cactus Gaming’s platform through a shared API framework.

This integration significantly accelerates the time-to-market for Cactus Gaming’s operator partners, enabling them to unveil the sportsbook within days.

Driven by a shared dedication to innovation and excellence, Betby and Cactus Gaming aim to revolutionize the landscape of iGaming, establishing new standards for quality and pushing the limits of online betting.

In the words of Betby, this collaboration signifies “a fusion of expertise, creativity, and ambition, with a collective mission to deliver a top-tier sports betting experience.”

Chris Nikolopoulos, Betby’s CCO, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing Betby’s commitment to collaborating with industry leaders. He stated that this strategic alliance allows Betby to expand its sportsbook solution and services to Cactus Gaming’s partners, enriching their betting experiences with seamless access to cutting-edge sports content and technology. Nikolopoulos is confident that both companies will reap significant long-term benefits from this partnership.

Tiago Silva, Cactus Gaming’s CRA, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Betby. He highlighted how this partnership empowers Cactus Gaming to leverage Betby’s expertise and state-of-the-art sportsbook solution, enabling them to deliver an unparalleled sports betting experience to partners in Latin America and beyond. Silva anticipates that this partnership will pave the way for further innovative collaborations in the future.