Brazil sets timetable for new gambling regulator

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Brazil sets timetable for new gambling regulator

The Ministry of Finance in Brazil has outlined a timetable for establishing policies governing the newly formed gambling regulator, the Prizes and Betting Secretariat (SPA).

Although the SPA’s presidency remains vacant, the ministry has outlined four distinct phases for policy formulation.

Phase one, to commence shortly, will focus on drafting ordinances covering technical specifications, general regulations concerning payment systems and the security of betting platforms, commercial authorization protocols, operation guidelines for fixed-odds betting, and certification prerequisites.

Phase two, slated for May, will extend these ordinances to include measures addressing money laundering and crime prevention, as well as regulations safeguarding customer rights

Moving into June, phase three will introduce additional ordinances pertaining to the technical and security requirements for online gaming, monitoring and supervision protocols, and penalties for violations within the lottery sector. Finally, in July, phase four will usher in ordinances aimed at promoting responsible gambling, encompassing initiatives for monitoring and preventing pathological gambling, along with guidelines for social welfare provisions.

Last year’s conclusion saw the Ministry of Finance fielding interest from 134 operators vying for licenses within the Brazilian gambling landscape.

Simultaneously, the National Association of Games and Lotteries (ANJL) has appointed Plínio Lemos Jorge as its new president, succeeding Wesley Cardia, whose term has concluded after a year in office.

With a master’s degree in tax law and a PhD in business law, Lemos Jorge brings extensive legal expertise to his role, having served as a lawyer at Lemos Jorge Advogados Associados and previously as a judge at the São Paulo Tax and Fees Court.