BWF to share betting data with the MGA

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BWF to share betting data with the MGA

MGA has recently signed a wagering data sharing contract with the BWF to ensure a high degree of integrity for the sport.

This collaboration aims to boost the sports organization’s match monitoring efforts, which is a crucial part of its integrity unit’s operations and dedication to ensuring a high standard of fairness for the sport. Data from each game will be carefully analyzed and will go through a thorough investigation if any malicious activities are detected.

We are delighted to collaborate with the BWF to ensure the fairness of their Badminton matches. It is an honor for us to be able to keep expanding our network of sports organizations that we work with to enhance their integrity efforts and deliver fair matches to sports fans. We hope to have a productive collaboration.

stated the Head of Financial Crime Compliance at the MGA, Antonio Zerafa.

Through this collaboration, we will be able to ensure the integrity of our sport and offer fair matches to its fans. MGA’s help in distributing official wagering data to its licensed operators will help us immensely, and we are eager to work with the regulator.

remarked the Secretary General of the BWF, Thomas Lund.