MGA extends sign-up period for ESG Reporting

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MGA extends sign-up period for ESG Reporting

Due to continued interest in registering beyond the original deadlines set by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the regulatory body has decided to extend the sign-up period for ESG reporting, as outlined in the Voluntary ESG Code of Good Practice for the Remote Gaming Sector in Malta.

This Code serves as a specialized framework for reporting, aiming to bolster transparency and promote ESG reporting practices. Encompassing 19 ESG areas spanning Environmental, Social, and Governance sectors, it provides remote gaming enterprises with a strategic roadmap for adopting best practices. By adhering to these guidelines, companies can effectively meet the evolving expectations of key stakeholders within the sector.

Interested parties now have until Friday, June 21, 2024, to confirm their participation in this initiative by completing registration via the provided form. It’s important to note that a licensee will not be able to submit an ESG report covering the reporting period of January to December 2023 unless they complete the registration process through the linked form.

While participation in reporting based on the Code remains voluntary, MGA licensees are strongly urged to register. This not only showcases their commitment to sustainability but also contributes to the ongoing enhancement of the industry’s ESG profile.