Malta Gaming Authority has released updated guidelines

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Malta Gaming Authority has released updated guidelines

The Malta Gaming Authority has released updated guidelines detailing the application process and prerequisites.

This includes a revised checklist of documents needed as attachments for both Non-Profit Tombola and Non-Profit Lotteries, conveniently accessible in the “documents” section of the permit application page.

These updated documents offer a more comprehensive overview of the application process, requirements for Non-Profit Lottery Terms, and a detailed list of necessary enclosure documents.

While it’s strongly recommended that applicants familiarize themselves with these updated requirements promptly, they will officially take effect on May 1, 2024.

Thus, any applications submitted thereafter must adhere to these revised guidelines. Applications lacking complete submission, including proof of payment or the signed declaration, after May 1, 2024, will be temporarily marked as “Incomplete” for sixty (60) days.

Failure to resubmit the application in its entirety, with all missing sections and/or documents filled in and/or uploaded within this timeframe, will result in rejection and closure of the application. Applications submitted or resubmitted less than seven (7) days before the commencement of the tombola session/s will incur an additional non-refundable late fee of twenty-five Euros (€25).

Non-Profit Tombola and Non-Profit Lottery Permits will only be issued upon a successful review of the application. The sale of lottery tickets or hosting of Tombola sessions without the relevant Permit is prohibited.