Comtrade Gaming announces a new agreement with Spinbit

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Comtrade Gaming announces a new agreement with Spinbit

Comtrade Gaming, a top-tier supplier of iGaming services and products, has officially announced signing a fresh companionship with Spinbit, a fast-moving casino in the industry.

They effectively relocated their current operations to Comtrade Gaming in September, just in time for the debut of their sibling brand, Spinbet.

The CCO at Comtrade Gaming, Steven Valentine mentioned:

We at Comtrade Gaming are elated to share our new companionship and Spinbit’s smooth migration. We’re proud to collaborate with top-tier casinos, aiding their development goals. Our primary aim is at migrating live casinos, with a dedicated project team for success. Post-migration, Spinbit’s Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) saw a substantial growth in the inaugural week on our platform. Spinbit is redefining online operations with a strong focus on player engagement and detail.

The COO at Spinbit, James Grant stated:

Our decision to team up with Comtrade Gaming’s iCore platform arises from our acknowledgment of the tailor-made software cultivation. The personalized approach to clients of our companion instilled our assurance, and the proven success of their other clients was reassuring. Advancement is at the core of our development agenda as we strive to transform our marketing and operational processes. The rapid and substantial development we’ve encountered is strongly motivating, and we eagerly anticipate to implementing our expansion goals in other locations.

Spinbit’s collaborative effort is backed by experts in their domains, making sure a seamless and exceptionally professional migration process. The B2B’s iCore platform stands as the premier solution for strategic alliances necessitating product management and omnichannel gaming solutions. With its ability to supply a single view of user interactions and automatize bonus offerings for an enriched overall user practice, iCore simplifies the landscape of omnichannel gaming.

The Slovenian company Comtrade Gaming, which offers outstanding online casino platforms, gaming system administration, and mobile casino products, is recognized as an exceptional B2B in the iGaming se...