Danish gambling regulator blocks 83 gambling websites

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Danish gambling regulator blocks 83 gambling websites

In Denmark, the Næstved District Court has given its approval to the Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, to block 83 gambling websites within the country. This marks the tenth instance in which the regulator has secured court authorization for such measures, bringing the cumulative number of blocked sites to 359.

Spillemyndigheden employs automated searches and relies on reports from citizens and businesses to pinpoint unlicensed gambling sites aiming at the market. Operators are deemed to be unlawfully targeting the market if they feature text in Danish, accept Danish currency, or utilize Danish payment cards. In case an operator persists in its activities despite requests to desist, Spillemyndigheden can seek court approval to implement site blocking measures.

Director Anders Dorph said:

We have intensified our work to shut down the illegal sites, so that we now get them blocked twice a year instead of once as previously. In this way, we can get hold of even more sites and minimise the period when Danish players are exposed to games that are offered illegally in Denmark. Children and young people in particular are a vulnerable group. For instance, many of the illegal websites have very lenient requirements for age verification. Some of the sites also offer games that particularly appeal to children and young people, such as skin betting.