Danish gambling regulator monitors social media influencers

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Danish gambling regulator monitors social media influencers

The Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, has unveiled its strategies to tackle unlicensed gambling this year.

It plans to focus on combating emerging illegal gambling activities on social media platforms. Collaborating with tech platform operators, Spillemyndigheden aims to target streamers and influencers who promote unlicensed gambling sites.

Taking action against a streamer last year, Spillemyndigheden filed a report following repeated warnings. Subsequently, in August, the streamer faced fines after the police confirmed violations of Denmark’s Gaming Act. Spillemyndigheden has since reported two additional cases to the police and remains vigilant in monitoring such activities.

Expanding its partnerships, Spillemyndigheden is now working closely with major platforms like Facebook, Apple, and Google to remove illegal gambling apps and advertisements. The regulator expressed its commitment to establishing more collaborations with various media outlets to combat illegal gambling and the unauthorized promotion of gambling activities.