FuboTV Q2 financial results reveal strong growth

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FuboTV Q2 financial results reveal strong growth

FuboTV has lately released their financial analysis for the second quarter of the year, which showed decent growth.

The streaming service FuboTV has recently published its financial analysis of the second quarter of the year. The report that came out on the 4th of August, detailed a pretty healthy trajectory for the company.

Mainly focusing on the North American market, the publication stated that the corporation’s revenue grew by sixty-five percent, to a bit under 220 million dollars. Ad revenue consisted of almost 22 million dollars, which was an increase of 32% from the same period last year.

Furthermore, they gained over 40% more paid subscribers, which now amount to over nine 945k customers and over one and a quarter million total users (including ad-supported accounts).

FuboTV also mentioned that they have a strong position in terms of liquidity, as they have almost 380 million dollars in cash and cash equivalents. Lastly, the streaming service quoted increases in the adjusted EBITDA margin in its shareholder letter, even though it was a pretty negligible 0.55% increase.