SportsGrid partners with FuboTV

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SportsGrid partners with FuboTV

FuboTV will soon add SportsGrid to its list of channels.

The sports streaming service SportsGrid, that is specifically tailored towards online betting, has recently announced that it will soon be offered in the United States and Canada with the help of their new partner, FuboTV.

With a lot of specific data, such as wagering odds and injury records, the network is hoping to take advantage of the quickly growing North American market. Consequently, the American streaming platform was a great candidate to expand into the market.

The betting analytics and data, along with the sports events that make SportsGrid a 24-hour live network will be broadcasted from two different stations located in New York and New Jersey.

The collaboration was hinted at in FuboTV’s financial analysis covering the second quarter of the year. The company made a decision to review its strategies and work towards acquiring a business partner to obtain more certainty in a quickly changing industry.

Lastly, both of the companies stated in their announcements that they are delighted to work together to ensure their stability and profitability in a challenging global betting market.